ALIEV FIKRET -Doctor of Sciences, Director

Director, Academician of NAS of Azerbaijan, the doctor of physics - mathematical sciences, professor. He graduated Azerbaijan State University in 1971 year. In 1975 year, graduating the postgraduate study, he defended Ph.D. thesis in the Institute of Mathematics of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev), in 1990 year he defended the doctoral thesis for receiving of Doctor Sciences degree in All Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Information in Moscow. Since 1975 till 1992 years he worked in positions of the junior, senior researchers in the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, in 1992-93 years he was professor of Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) , since 1993 year up-to-date he works in a positions of the director of Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and the head of the department “Recognition of Images and Information Processing ». In 1993 year he became a member of American Mathematical Society, since 1996 year he is a member of World Computer Association and since 1997 year a member of Academy of Sciences of New York.

Velieva Naile (Ph.D)-Deputy director

She successfully graduated Mechanics-Mathematical faculty of Baku State University in 1975 year. Since 1992 year she works in a position of a senior researcher, the deputy director on computer science. She received Ph.D. of physics - mathematical sciences in 2000 year. N.I.Veliyeva is the author more than 20 scientific works. She received the grant INTAS Ref. №04-776902 in 2006 year and was an active member of the group. N.I.Veliyeva is one of authors of the monography «Semi-automatic computers diagnostic methods of single-stage bar pumps», published in 2007 year.

Akhundov Hikmet (Ph.D)-Deputy director

He graduated Mechanics-Mathematical faculty of Baku State University in 1983 year. He defended Ph.D. thesis on a speciality «Mathematical analysis» in 1991 year. He is the author more than 30 scientific articles up-to-dates. He was the participant of the conferences that have been held in Germany, Ukraine, Iran, Turkey and Russia.

Safarova Nargiz (Ph.D)- Scientific secretary

Nargiz Safarova graduated from faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of Baku State University in 1996. Since 1996 she has been worked as a junior researcher at the Institute of Applied Mathematics of Baku State University. N.A. Safarova got her Ph.D. degree in 2005. Since 2008, she worked as a senior researcher. Presently she works in the position of Scientific Secretary of the Institute. She is a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute, Executive Editor of “Applied and Computational Mathematics” AnInternational Journal (www.acmij.az). N.A. Safarova is an author of 40 scientific works. She is an expert on the optimal control theory and numerical analysis. She obtained some of actual results in the field of the periodic optimal stabilization problems.