The weekly scientific seminar devoted to the modern problems of applied mathematics is held.
on Tuesday, at 1000 o'clock.

Interested persons can take part.


Theme: An approach to numerical solution to inverse-coefficient problems for a parabolic equation

Lector: Leading scientist of The Institute of Control Systems of ANAS,  Anar Rahimov

The inverse problems are considered for a parabolic equation with an unknown source (space or time dependent) on the right-hand side. In particular, these classes of problems arise in the study of boundary value problems with nonlocal (integral) conditions. A numerical method is proposed to solve the problems, which is based on the use of the method of lines. The initial problems are reduced to a system of ordinary differential equations with unknown parameters. To determine unknown parameters non-iterative method is proposed. We present the results of numerical experiments on test problems.



Theme: Applying the theory of fuzzy time series in forecasting of the rate of USD / AZN

Lector: Shikhlinskaya R.Y.

In the presented article, forecasting of the currency quotation USD / AZN is considered using fuzzy time series (FTS). It provides a step by step description of the technique, which represents the construction of fuzzy term sets for the linguistic variable "exchange rate”, using input data as numerical values and calculating relationship to predict future states.  In particular, the fact that Azerbaijani manat is a commodity currency is taken into account and the dollar exchange rate for manat depends on the cost of oil and is regulated by the state. Forecasting FTS is carried out in the direction of the application of new methods, called Times-Series Data Mining.



Theme: Analytical construction of regulators for systems with fractional derivatives

Lector:  Fikret Aliev

The problem of analytic construction of regulators (AKP) is considered when the motion of an object is described by a system of linear differential equations of fractional derivatives with constant coefficients. Expressions are given for an analogous (ordinary derivative) Euler-Lagrange equation, where the fundamental matrix-solution is constructed using the Mittag-Leffler function. The above scheme is such that the order of the derivative. An example illustrating the proposed method is given.




Theme:  Identification problem for defining the coefficient of hydraulic resistance on different areas of pump-compressor pipes in gaslift process

Lector: I. Maharramov

In the work the coefficient of hydraulic resistance on different areas of pumpcompressor pipes in the oil production in gas lift wells is considered. By means of the least-squares method, the coefficient of hydraulic resistance is obtained using statistical data. An example is given that shows the adequacy of the mathematical model.