CONTENTS V.7, No.2, 2018

Fikret A. Aliev, M.M. Mutallimov, I.A. Maharramov (pp.142-152)
New sweep algorithm for solving a linear quadratic optimization problem
with unseparated two-point boundary conditions

А.O. Mostafa (pp.153-164)
Meromorphic Subclasses of p-valent Functions Involving Certain Operator

H.K. Musaev (pp.165-177)
Linear  degenerate convolution-elliptic equations with parameters

B. Basavanagoud, Anand P. Barangi,  Sunilkumar M. Hosamani (pp.178-193)
First neighbourhood zagreb index of some nanostructures

E.A. Gasymov (pp.194-215)
Application of finite  integral transformation method to the solution
of mixed problems for parabolic equations with a control

A.G. Nagiyev, F.A. Aliyeva, G.A. Naghiev (pp.216-226)
Vibrational management in one class models with differential equations
in partial derivatives with the criterion of maximum average quality

A.B. Ramazanov (pp.227-233)
Accuracy of the gradient algorithm in tasks with (p,q) coordinate-convexity  criterion functions

Fikret A. Aliev, N.A. Aliev, N.A. Safarova, N.I. Velieva (pp.234-246)
Algorithm for solution the Cauchy problem for stationary linear
systems of ordinary differential equations of fractional order

Т.К. Yuldashev (pp.247-260)
Determination of coefficient in differential equation with two
dimensional Whitham operator of higher power

R.Shikhlinskaya, E.Nasibov, S.Peker (pp.261-269)
Applying the fuzzy inference using wabl defuzzification method to fuzzy controls

E.R.Shafizade,A.B.Ramazanov (pp.270-284)
Discrete Dynamic model of GDP in Azerbaijan

Anniversary (pp.285)